Exploring the Christian Virtue of Hope

During these few days Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP, is with us as we explore together the depth and beauty of  SPES SALVI, the encyclical of our Holy Father, Benedict XVI.

Fr. Philip Neri comes to us from the Angelicum by way of the deep South! (How's that for a round about route!)

Fr. Philip Neri's blog Dominie, da mihi hanc aquam is a well-read blog and we became acquainted with Fr. Philip Neri through it about 4 years ago.

Fr. Philip's lectures are part of the On-going Formation Program for the monasteries that belong to the Association of Monasteries of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers. Our Sr. Mary Catharine is part of the Formation Committee which plans the formation themes and lectures for the monasteries part of the Association. At the present time we have three cycles of studies going over a four year period. Fr. Philip's lectures were supposed to be part of last year's cycle but Father wasn't able to come until now. Later in June, Fr. David Meconi, SJ (!) will be giving us some lectures on Patristics.