Novice Mistress Meeting cont.

The novice mistress meeting ended with a BANG! on Thursday, May 26th! We all made our way from the HEART of the heart of Texas to our monasteries realizing that most of us would have to deal with some pretty nasty weather! Eventually, we all got home but not after missing flights and delays. As I sat out the storm at the Atlanta airport I realized that I could very well experience a tornado! I tried not to think about it until the young woman next to me said in a wonderful, British accent, "Shouldn't we move away from the windows!?" The zig-zag lightening was both new and fascinating to her! "We don't have this in England!"

Special thanks to the Lufkin community for their wonderful hospitality! Below are more photos of our meeting.

Sr. Mary Veronica (Lancaster) shows her photos to Sr. Mary John, prioress (L) and Sr. Mary Margaret, sub prioress (r).

Sr. Mary Magdalen (Squamish, BC, Canada) and Sr. Anna Marie (Elmira) take a moment to smile while getting the tour of the monastery.

Sr. Dominica, OP (Springfield Dominican Sisters) and Sr. Mary Margaret. Sr. Dominica led us through the section on Canon Law for religious and guided our discussions in the afternoon on pertinent documents that apply to our life. She was fabulous! We all found out how much we don't know! Sr. Dominica was Sr. Mary Margaret's high school teacher back in????

Fr. Dominic is always happy to help his sisters!

The best part of the meeting is sharing stories and experiences and the best time for that is during break!

On May 24th, feast of the Translation of St. Dominic Fr. Dominic gave a beautiful homily about living in the light of Truth. He also needed to point out the obvious: he and St. Dominic share a similar profile!

The last night was the "All About Texas" night! Sr. Mary Jeremiah passes by with her costume for her performance of  "A Tex-agsis on Jack and Jill"! She had us laughing with tears coming down our faces for 20 minutes!

Sr. Mary Rose tells us all about the towns of Texas! They don't have a Jersey, Texas! But they did have a Summit, Texas once!

Sr. Mary Sybillina, nearly 90, is the last of the foundresses! She makes the coffee at 4AM and works in the host department. She also goes down the hall at about 75mph WITHOUT a walker or cane! She is amazing!


Beautiful photos taken by the Nuns of the Pines of Texas (at the monastery) throughout the year! This beautiful calendar will help the monastery with their financial needs. You can purchase it on their website or at the monastery.  At $7.00 a calendar you have a bargain and help the nuns, too!