Triple Play Celebrations

On Saturday, May 17th, we celebrated the 87th birthday and the 50th anniversary of profession of our Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy. We also celebrated the feast day of Sr. Denise Marie which was actually May 8th, feast of the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the Order of the Preachers.

The sisters outdid themselves with skits, songs and games. An Italian Dinner was donated by our dear friend, Billy Agellini. We had a wonderful day giving thanks to God for the gift of our sisters and their fidelity to their vocations!

Sr. Denise Marie and Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy

Sr. Mary John and Sr. Joseph Maria await the festivities!
The Singing Trio sing to Sr. Denise Marie a song about having a free day every Wednesday!

Sr. Mary Amata stretches our brains with 20 brain teasers!

Sr. Mary Elizabeth and Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy. They were friends before the entered. 

Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy came with Sr. Mary Elizabeth on her first visit. Mother Marie Rosaria asked Cecilia Lydon, "and what about you?" To which she replied, "Me? No way!" A few years later she entered!

Sr. Mary Catharine laughs at the antics of the novitiate sisters!
Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy shows off her dandelion crown made by the novices!

Sr. Mary Magdalene plays the part of Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy, Sr. Judith Miryam is the apple tree!
Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy cared for the orchard for many years but the trees never talked to her!
Sr. Mary Cecilia sings the part of young Denise thinking (young Denise not shown!) during the skit, "The Call!"

Sr. Mary Magdalene narrates the skit/musical "The Call". Check out that crazy costume.
"The Call": about young Denise's (Sr. Denise Marie) vocation! No way to explain it but it was fun!

"We're Building a Better World"--Summit style!

Having fun, Sisters?
Congratulations, dear Sister Mary Ellen Timothy!