You Too Can Be a Princess!

Sr. Joseph Maria-a radiant princess and Bride of the Most High King on her profession day.

“Once upon a time there was a castle (only most people called it a monastery)…”

As a Nun at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, that is!

One can't helped be touched by the beauty of the Royal Wedding even if you just see a few photos! (Trust me, we didn't get up at 4AM to watch it although a few of us recalled how we did do that 30 years ago!)

But it made me reflect on the spousal relationship of each of us as a Bride of Christ. We know that our Divine Spouse will never fail us, never get tired of us even when we get old and ugly and frail or lose our memory! And we even wear white all the time!

In 1969 in honor of the Golden Jubilee of our monastery two of our nuns produced a delightful 12 page "fairytale" about the princesses who live in the "Golden Castle". While it was originally written for children, over the years it has proved to be our most popular piece of vocation literature so much so that we've had to reprint it several times!