Summertime Fun

 Maggie's visit over the Memorial Day weekend was an opportunity to try on high fashion postulant jumpers! Either it was too much heat or too much sugar or some of both but then everyone got into the act and found their old jumper and felt impelled to put it on again!

Sr. Mary Catharine even found HER jumper from over 20 years ago! Nuns never get rid of anything because, "We might use it some day!" In her time the navy blue jumper (ugly) was worn with a blue (ugly) veil!

A party for Sr. Mary Catharine's return from the novice mistress meeting and Emily's one week as an aspirant (!) meant a wonderful evening recreation in the summerhouse and an excuse for ice cream floats and tapioca pudding (!).

Sr. Mary Jacinta is enjoying the evening and the singing by the sisters!

 Thanks to Sr. Mary Magdalene's brother we ended the evening with mini-sparklers!