What Our Life is All About!

Fidelity and Eternal Reward!
On Sunday, June 26th Corpus Christi, we were participating at Mass, celebrated by Fr. John Paul Walker, OP when we received word that Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy was "actively dying".  The rest of day was filled with prayers and visits to Sister, who passed during the Salve around 1:05 PM after being anointed by Father and blessed with the Apostolic Blessing. Fr. John Paul blessed Sister with the really big relic crucifix that we are privileged to have in our possession. It contains a relic of the True Cross, the Apostles, and the "big" Dominican saints. In our chronicles there are several stories of persons with serious or terminal illnesses attending the Rosary Pilgrimages and being blessed with this Crucifix and experiencing total cures!

 On Wednesday, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul was the funeral of Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy of the Assumption, OP.

Our Life of Union with the Triune God!
Wednesday evening, Fr. David Meconi, SJ who teaches at St. Louis University began the first of three lectures on the Trinity from Patristic sources such as St. Augustine, Hilary, and St. Ireneaus. Although our spiritualities are very different, we got along great. We were delighted to be Father's first visit to a cloister and hope he returns! 

Contemplating the Truth in Love!
On Saturday, we shipped off Sr. Maria Teresa, Sr. Joseph Maria, and Sr. Mary Amata to the Monastery of the Infant Jesus for the Monastic Theological Studies Program hosted  by the Association of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers of the United States.  This 2 week program of studies is for the newly professed of our nuns and continues for 4 years. This second year our 3 Sisters will be joined by 8 nuns of the Lufkin Monastery and 1 nun from the Blessed Sacrament Monastery of Farmington Hills, MI.

The Sisters will be studying the Psalms which are the "meat and potatoes" of our monastic prayer of the Divine Office, and Thomism, which is the precious legacy of thought given to us and to the Church by our big brother, St. Thomas Aquinas. Lectures on the Psalms will be given by Sr. Barbara Green, OP and Margharita Rossi, President St. Thomas Institute at the Angelicum, Rome.