And the Lord Was Not In the Earthquake

Yes, we're still in retreat! Things are a bit less "quiet" than they would usually be as we get ready for one of the biggest storms New Jersey has ever experienced. The last hurricane to hit land here was around 1902!

Not much for us to do, really, but the important thing—pray! We're blessed to live on high ground and in a very sturdy building. We are expecting leaking from the rain and high winds. Big canning jars have been run through the dishwasher and will be filled tomorrow. One sister assured us that she knows how to make coffee the old fashioned way on the gas stove should the electricity go out!

We've pulled out all our flashlights...and made sure they work! We've got plenty of candles which will make for a "romantic" Office if needed!

Fr. Walter has offered to stay with us through the storm to make sure that we have Holy Mass! So, we're totally ready!

Of course, we're praying that the storm lessens in intensity and for all working in it, for families fleeing their homes, the elderly, people who have no where to go.