Getting Ready to Celebrate St. Dominic

If you are in Australia than you know that while you celebrate the feast of St. Dominic on August 5th, he actually died on August 6th, feast of the Transfiguration but everyone else celebrates him on August 8th! Well, even some people, who follow the calendar with the Extraordinary Form of the Mass celebrate him today on August 4th!

Sr. Mary Catharine got it into her head to make a new vestment just for the feast of St. Dominic! It seemed that one stumbling block after another got before her! So, she said to Sr. Blogger, "IF I ever finish this vestment it's going on the blog!" So, here it is! The vesica is that of Fr. Angelico from a detail of one of his altarpieces. The roses going down the crushed velvet orphrey symbolize that every evening as we sing the "O Lumen" we call St. Dominic a "Rose of patience". We also call him an "Ivory of chastity" and so the fabric is of a beautiful ivory and gold brocade. The three gold crosses are to symbolize St. Dominic as "Light of the Church" and why is the orphrey red? Because St. Dominic wanted to go the north and evangelize the Cumans and be martyred but the Pope wouldn't let him go there!

We're happy to have such a beautiful vestment in honor of our Holy Father, St. Dominic!