Hurricane Irene-Part II

We lost one of our pine trees!

What we found on the next morning is that Sr. Denise Marie, Sr. Maria Teresa and Sr. Judith Miryam spent a good hour last night cleaning up the mess from leaks all over the monastery including our extern chapel. This is an area that often leaks in heavy rain but this time, because our monastery needs tuck-pointing badly, was worse than usual. Sr. Denise Marie said that water was cascading down the stairs from the Professed Sisters' Dormitory!

There was flooding down by the back wall and the water lines showed that it had risen about 3-4 feet! We lost a tree and one of the peach trees split in half (there wasn't much to it anyway!)

It's rainy but we've gotta go out and check on things!

Novitiate gathers on the soap room stairs to survey the mess.

Peach tree

The bird house! Scapulars are great as pot holders and head coverings when it rains!

Sr. Mary Jacinta checks out the flooding.
Need we say more?

Professed Stairwell.

Back of extern chapel.