Please Pray for Us During the NJ Power Outage

We are having a priest friend upload this message from Massachusetts where he still has power. 

We have totally lost power because of the snowstorm and the winds. The power company is saying that we will have our power return until Thursday at the earliest. There's no power to use the computer to give regular updates; there's no power to run the phone lines; there's no power even to hear the door bell ringing! 
So please pray for us. As of Monday night, it was 58 degrees in the monastery. At least we have 14 paschal candles and the work of the bees is keeping us warm! 
We do have a phone that can take incoming messages. If you need to reach us call 862.485.1488. 
We'll be praying for you on the Solemnity of All Saints. Please pray for us! 
We apologize to all those who have been trying to reach us unsuccessfully!