The Rosary Shrine Volunteer Guild: Our Angels All Year Long!

Special thanks to Gloria, Clare, Mary, Alice, Sharon and Mary and the other ladies who managed to disappear from the camera! You are the best!

What would we do without our Rosary Shrine Guild! These wonderful ladies, more than 70 strong, are the ones who answer the phones and door for us, drive Sisters to the doctor and do a million other things for us, including stuffing our Perpetual Rosary Association Renewal and Rosary Meditations. Today they spent a wonderful morning doing the mailing and finished in record time! It's obvious that when THEY do the mailing they can talk AND stuff, whereas when we do it we TALK and don't do too much STUFFING!

You can learn more about the Perpetual Rosary Association HERE. Perhaps you would like to be part of this powerful devotion. Also you can sign up to receive our newsletter which comes out about three times a year.