Seignadou Soaps To Be Featured On Fox News...along with the Nuns who make them!

Unless it is our busy season Friday's are usually quiet in the soap department. However, yesterday the area was a bit chaotic as we welcomed religion correspondent, Lauren Green, producer, Jonathan Wachtel, cameraman, Rob Gianne and intern, Lauren to film a segment on our life, our soaps and our copy of the Shroud. (Yes, what a combination in one story!)

We admit it; we were nervous. Everyone was so friendly that in no time we felt quiet comfortable even if the big lens of a camera was aim at one or another of us. After they got all the shots they wanted of our soap making, packaging, etc. (no, they didn't stay to film the daily clean -up), the crew then interviewed Sr. Mary Catharine who seemed to be at home in front of a camera with a huge spotlight on her. She was grateful for Sr. Maria Teresa and Sr. Mary Cecilia hanging around in the background giving moral support!

Then the camera crew filmed the Shroud while the two Laurens gathered data about the history of the Shroud copy and the scientific testing done on it in 1987. Our good friend and volunteer, Kathy Tafaro, just happened to walk in for a moment and she was cajoled into praying before the Shroud for the camera. "I do pray in front of it every time I come in," she assured us!

The last filming took place as we prayed the Office of Sext. Since it was a Friday in Lent we concluded the hour with singing the "Parce, Domine" three times with arms extended. Most likely that is the only part of the Office they'll show!

We're glad it's done but have to admit that the experience wasn't as painful as it could have been! The crew was respectful, friendly and we are praying that the story you will see on Palm Sunday will be accurate. Please pray that it conveys our Contemplative Life in a positive light.

Now back to cleaning up the dishes in the soap department!