Saint Agnes of Montepulciano

Our Sister, St. Agnes of Montepulciano has the distinction of being made prioress at the ancient age of fifteen! Agnes was born in 1368 and entered the the "Sisters of the Sack" at the age of nine. She was commissioned by Pope Nicholas IV to found a monastery in Procena where she was made prioress. Several years later the people of Montepulciano built a monastery asking Agnes to come back and found a monastery. Originally she was going to found a Poor Clare monastery but was told by our Lady that it was to be a Dominican Monastery. She lived there in great holiness until she died in 1317.

St. Raymond of Capua, St. Catherine of Siena's spiritual director and biographer, wrote a life of St. Agnes who was highly revered both before and after her death. When St. Catherine went to Montepulciano to pray before the incorrupt body of St. Agnes, we are told St. Agnes graciously lifted her foot up for Catherine to kiss! St Catherine said that it was revealed to her that she and Agnes would have equal glory in heaven. She would refer to her as "our glorious mother, St. Agnes."

We are proud that our Sr. Mary Martin has done the first translation into English of Bl. Raymond's biography! (It's not yet published.)