It's that time again...

It seems that Summer has typically been a time at our Monastery for house repairs....and this Summer is no exception. While this is can be a mild disturbance to the sisters, it can be an absolute nightmare for Sabina. Why? Debris and tools mean  more hiding places for all the little baby bunnies that are beginning to wander farther from their mommies! So last night at supper dishes no one was surprised to hear Sabina barking excitedly under the cloister. Sr. Maria Teresa headed down to 'rescue' whatever poor creature Sabina had trapped. She found a little baby bunny huddled underneath a ladder, terrified, and promptly scooped the little dear up while shooing Sabina away. Sabina of course was thrilled that one of her 'pack' had captured the bunny and she bounced (yes, Sabina can bounce) around excitedly.

The bunny, which we named Norbert, was so cute that it just had to be seen and pet by all the sisters. Here are some pictures of the little dear. (If you look closely you can even see the pretty little white stripe on his forehead).

A Close-up of Norbert

We let Norbert hop back into the 'wild' before Compline, but this time in an area that Sabina can't get to. We wish him a long life at Rosary Shrine.