Seignadou Soap Department...we're moving in!

Friday was the big day! We began moving into our newly renovated St. Margaret of Hungary soap Department. (If you are wondering why we choose St. Margaret of Hungary let's just say that now that she is in Eternal Glory she understands that soap is a good thing!)

With the extra space gained from the weaving equipment moved to its own space in another part of the monastery we gained much needed space for the soap department. So it wasn't just a matter of putting everything back to where it was before but a new layout of operations. As Sr. Mary Magdalene said summing up the discussions, "Problem is, there are 7 of us and 25 opinions and those change every 5 minutes!"

Throughout Saturday Sr. Mary Catharine was coming up to the novitiate sisters saying, "I've been thinking, now if we move THAT table over there...." The "last" furniture move Saturday night seems to be the last.

Friday afternoon Fr. John Paul Walker, OP, who preached our retreat blessed the room, "Is this a factory or a shop?" he asked as he leafed through the blessing book!
We're nearly all in and hope to begin production again on Monday and get back-orders filled and inventory built up! We're so happy to have our wonderful, bright, colorful new space!

Blessed be God and His gifts!