Another Year of Wisdom

It's hard to believe that another year has passed since our theology students were in Lufkin yet here they are getting ready to head out to the airport for their two-week stay at the Monastery of the Infant Jesus. (They drove in the car, not in the trunk!)

This year the Sisters will be studying Patristics and the Moral Vision of St. Thomas. Fr. David Meconi, SJ, who was here at Summit last year giving us some lectures was supposed to teach the Patristics' course but sadly had to find a substitute at the last minute because of his mother's final illness. Please pray for her! Mr. Noel Pretila, adjunct professor of Theological Studies at St. Louis University will be teaching for him. If Fr. Meconi's name seems familiar it is because he is the editor of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, OP, a friar we have known since his first days in the Order will be doing the course on Moral Theology. Fr. Nicanor is an Associate Professor at Providence College where he teaches molecular microbiology and genetics.

In the afternoon sessions the sisters will be giving presentations on the psalms (last year's course) and some sisters took on the added challenge of translating one of St. Thomas' commentaries on a psalm of their choosing.

We already miss our sisters but know that these 4 years of theological study will benefit not just them but our community. The time together also forges bonds between the nuns of the different monasteries.