Dominican Nuns part of exhibit at Walsh Gallery

Several months ago we were approached by Sr. Anita Tauler, RSM about the possibility of our handcrafted soaps as being part of an exhibit of arts and crafts by women religious at the Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University. Curators-in-the-making, Elizabeth Girvin and Jesse McGarity, visited with us and in the course of our conversation we mentioned some of the craft work done by the Sisters. Out came various handwoven, embroidered and carved items! The young women were enthusiastic! Also included will be note cards and handmade rosaries. Oh, yes, our Seignadou Soap items will be  on sale as well!

The title of the exhibit is, "Colors of Faith—Divine Creations from Women's Religious Orders". While we're not quite sure what that means we do like to think that as the Church is about to open the Year of Faith, we in a small way, will witness to the radical gift of our vocation as Nuns of the Order of Preachers through our presentation.

We would show you a photo of the items but we realized we don't have any!  We are hoping to get some photos when our extern sisters go to the exhibit.

What will be exhibited from our monastery?

  • A chasuble and stole with a handwoven orphrey. (Do not think 1970's!)
  • Three lectern covers used in the nuns' choir for various feasts. Three are with Ukrainian embroidery and one is with a handwoven orphrey and another is just embroidery.
  • Two confessional stoles.
  • Two handwoven pillows.
  • Two hand carved holy water fonts.
  • Two carved Santas.

There might be something else but at this point Sr. Blogger has lost track!

Exhibit Information:

Sept 10th to October 13, 2012 Opening reception Sunday September 16th, 2pm to 4pm

Open Hours for Seton Hall University Weekend – Saturday, October 13th, 11am to 4pm

Exhibition consultant: S. Anita Talar, RSM

The exhibition represents a magnificent array of arts and crafts created by women of various religious orders in the northern New Jersey area. From serene paintings of nature to beautiful hand woven lectern covers, each piece demonstrates the women’s devotion to their faith beyond their daily routine of praying and working through a variety of colors and chosen media.