Pre-Order Dominic: Light of the Church DVD!!!

Dominic: Light of the Church  DVD is now available to pre-order! If you place your order by Sunday, Oct 7th, (and feast of Our Lady of the Rosary) you will get a 15% discount! We hope to have the copies available soon! Pre-ordering will give us a better sense of how many copies to order and that will help keep the shipping costs down as well! The executive producer, Fr. Jeffrey Aytona, OP, is excited to be able to get copies to us as soon as possible!

We are now offering a new book on the Nine Ways of Prayer: How to Pray the Dominican Way: Ten Postures, Prayers, & Practices That Lead Us to God by Angelo Stagnaro. Published by Paraclete Press this book is a wonderful introduction to St. Dominic's way of prayer and a great "hands on" approach to making them your own.

One of our sisters loves to tell the story of how when she was a postulant she was taught about the Nine Ways of Prayer. She really wanted to incorporate them into her own prayer but was too shy to do it publicly! So, one night she had the hour of adoration after Compline. The Choir was empty, the lights were off and it was dark. She got her rosary and prostrated herself before the Blessed Sacrament. So far, so good! Suddenly she heard footsteps! Oh, no, a sister was coming into the Choir! Sr. Maria of the Cross was infirmarian at the time and it was she. She tapped Sister on the shoulder. "Hey, if Sr. Mary buzzes (in the infirmary) I'll be down in a minute! I have to get something in my cell!"

Our Sister-then-a-postulant said that she realized that Sr. Maria could care less if she were kneeling, prostrate or standing on her head and she got out of feeling self conscious! As the months went by she saw sisters incorporating some of the Nine Ways into their prayer and it seemed totally normal!

We just received our copies of this book and we are most pleased with it.You can read an excerpt here.