Pro Orantibus Day

November 21st, feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a day when the Church prays for cloistered nuns, giving thanks to God for our vocation in the Church! WE are grateful for your prayers for us! We NEED you to pray for us that we remain faithful to the stupendous gift of our vocation to be given entirely to God, to stay before Him as intercessors for the world. As you may remember from past posts today is a special day for our community for it is on this day in 1955 that we were incorporated into the Order of Preachers and made solemn profession. Only Sr. Mary Daniel is alive from the original group but it is a day that has not lost its significance for the following generations of nuns.

Fr. Gregory made sure that Mass was like a solemnity! We had extra singing, incense and the beautiful vessels and vestments were used as well.

At today's catechesis the Holy Father remembered to pray for us too! (text from Vatican Information Services).


Vatican City, 21 November 2012 (VIS) - Following his catechesis at this morning's general audience, the Pope mentioned that today, the liturgical memory of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Temple, is also "pro orantibus Day", in which the Church shows her support for cloistered religious communities.

"I would like to express my closeness, and that of the entire ecclesial community, to the religious called by the Lord to the contemplative life, and renew my invitation to all Christians to ensure that monasteries receive the necessary spiritual and material support. We owe this to those who consecrate themselves fully to praying for the Church and for the world!"