St. Andrew Christmas Novena

The feast of St. Andrew, November 30, is traditionally the day when the "St. Andrew Christmas Novena" begins. It's not really a novena, which is nine days of prayer. The custom is to pray the Hail and Blessed be the Hour from the feast of St. Andrew until Christmas 15 times each day. Praying this is a wonderful way to meditate on the gift of the Incarnation and to prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. If you want, you can save this holy card and print it out for yourself. If you try to pray it each day you will find that you have it memorized in no time! It's especially nice to have it memorized to pray it as you walk along the street, drive to work, and face all the secularism of the "holiday" season. It's one small way to keep Christ in Christmas and to keep Christ in your heart!