Solemn Chapter of the Nativity

This morning after Mass we gathered in the Chapter Hall for Solemn Chapter. At this chapter one of the chantresses sings the martyrology announcing the birth of Jesus. This year it was Sr. Maria Teresa's very first time singing it! She says she was shaking from the tips of her toes but we couldn't tell! We all assure her that in a few years she will even know it by heart!

At it's conclusion we hit the floor, making the venia asking pardon for our sins. Then a sister gives a reflection. This year Sr. Denise Marie asked our eldest sister, Sr. Mary Daniel to give it.


Here is Sister's very short talk:

“The Word Was Made Flesh And Dwelt Among Us.”

Dear Sisters,

How can our Lord be dwelling among us when we witness evil all around us?  Our Holy Father has proclaimed this a Year of Faith as we celebrate 50 years since Vatican II.

These have been years of confusion and misunderstanding within the Church and throughout the world.  We have endured periodic new translations of Scripture.  Much time has been spent discussing the meaning of words.

The Word was made flesh and came among us, but the world has failed to welcome Him.  He allows us to do our own will.  Until we can say – the Word became flesh and dwells within us, He will not be among us.

The world is sick and suffering.  Some are trying to bring peace through violence.  Others expect to restore order through the economy – all without God’s help.

The rulers of nations are powerless.  It is we who must restore peace by living the vows we profess and thereby winning the grace for all peoples to profess and strengthen their faith and welcome the Word to dwell among us.

Merry Christmas,

Sister Mary Daniel of God, OP


Making the venia.