The Promise of the Hundredfold!

When Sr. Mary Jacinta entered the monastery in 2010 she knew that in leaving family and friends God's promise of the hundredfold would be fulfilled. She just didn't know how! Her youngest sister, Sr. Angelique Therese, a Missionary of Charity, was stationed in Haiti and while the Missionaries may have a home visit every 10 years Sr. Mary Jacinta didn't know when she would see her sister again. Sr. Mary Jacinta last saw her in 2009 but her parents would visit her every year when they traveled to Haiti.

Currently, Sr. Mary Jacinta is the only sister in the monastery whose sister is a Sister. Through Sr. Angelique Therese's letters we got to know her and her missionary work (always dear to a cloistered nun's heart!) and hoped that someday we would meet in person!

Through the workings of Divine Providence, Sr. Angelique was assigned to a new mission in London and had to come to New York first for her visa! New York City is not far from New Jersey and her superiors gave Sister permission to visit with her Sister-sister.

We had a wonderful time in the parlor learning more about the Missionary of Charity charism and Sr. Angelique Therese's experiences especially in Haiti after the earthquake. Meeting in person brings a new depth to our prayer for her and all missionaries. We pray for every gift of grace for her in her new mission and hope she won't forget to pray for us as well!