Veni, Sponsa Christi!

Sr. Joseph Maria, OPDuring this season of joyful expectation three of our sisters had a double reason to "wait in hope" as they nervously waited to be told that they would be called before the monastery council to be examined and questioned about their desire to live our Dominican way of life!

Last week Sr. Joseph Maria of the Holy Family was received for Solemn Profession as a Nun of the Order of Preachers! She will make her solemn profession on May 31st. You can imasmvprocessiongine how many times we've had to hold her down to the the ground in the past week!

Now this week both Sr. Mary Veronica of the Cross and Sr. Mary Jacinta of the Most Holy Rosary were approved to make First Profession! They will make their profession on separate days: March 9th for Sr. Mary Veronica and March 19th for Sr. Mary Jacinta.

As you can imagine over the next few months there will be many "behind the scenes" preparations for these beautiful ceremonies. Seven veils need to be sewn, booklets and holy cards to be designed and printed, decorationssmjandsabina and meals for the reception, etc. etc.

However, the most important preparation will be the hidden ones in the soul of each sister as she prepares for the gift of Consecration and becoming a spouse of the Word! Please pray for our sisters during the coming months!

For a few months we will have SEVEN temporary professed sisters and only ONE novice! We are expecting an aspirant over Christmas vacation. Please pray for her!