New book from DNS Publications!

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We are excited to share with you our newest book: To Courageously Know and Follow After Truth: The Life and Work of Mother Catherine Abrikosova by Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, OP!

Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart is a Dominican nun from our monastery in Marbury, Alabama. Last year Sister wrote an article about Mother Catherine Abrikosova for Dominican Monastic Search, an academic journal written by the Dominican nuns in America and Canada. When we read the article about one woman's struggle to bring Dominican life to communist Russia we knew immediately that we wanted to make it available to a wider audience--thus the new paperback and kindle!

Not only was Mother Catherine the founder of Byzantine Dominican Sisters, she is also a martyr whose Cause for Beatification is underway. Her faith and courage under trial were remarkable, but what really leaps off every page is her intense love for Truth combined with her devotion and appreciation of Eastern Catholicism, specifically in its Byzantine form. Completely a daughter of the Church and St Dominic, and completely a daughter of Russia, Mother Catherine united these two identities in her person into one dynamic whole while communist Russia attempted to tear them - and her - apart. A vibrant woman with a vibrant faith, Mother Catherine continues to teach us how to live and how to die for love of Truth.

Here is the description from the back cover:

"As a young girl, Anna Abrikosova burned with the desire to teach others what was good, true and beautiful. But it wasn’t until she came into contact with the Roman Catholic Church, and in particular the Dominican Order, that she found the fullness of goodness, truth and beauty. So deeply did she fall in love with the truth that upon her return to her native Russia she did all within her means to help others come to know the truth. Soon other young women joined her in her work and the Byzantine Dominican Sisters were born. Despite threats of torture and death from the Communists who had taken over Russia, Mother Catherine, as she was now called, remained steadfast in her determination to bring the truth to others. For this she was arrested, imprisoned, and ultimately suffered a martyr’s death. This short biography of Mother Catherine is an introduction to a heroic woman whose passionate desire for truth has caused the Catholic Church to consider her a "true confessor of the faith" and a martyr of the Russian Church."

You can purchase the book here, as well as read the Introduction for free!