Fox News

No, not THAT fox news! This one:IMG_3844Yes indeed! We have a residence resident fox! There go our chickens in potentia. Yes, having chickens is a subject that comes up regularly with sisters who want them and sisters who do not! For the moment, any decision is moot because the town of Summit still says NO CHICKENS! Last week Sr. Mary Catharine went out to the hermitage after Lauds to close the windows and our foxy friend surprised her. The next day Sister saw him (her?) casually soaking up the morning sun laying near the asparagus patch:

IMG_3841 Nearly every morning before Lauds sisters who drink their coffee out on the cloister see Foxy amble down by the orchard, cross to the cemetery between the tool sheds and then head down toward the wall. We're not sure where his mailing address is but from the way he makes his way around the enclosure this guy has settled in—at least at night.

It's always a bit of surprise to have so much wild life inside our enclosure given that the we are right at the edge of the center of town. For the "country" nuns it is a bit of the hundred-fold that our Lord promised to those who give up everything who follow Him.

For the "city" nuns, well, they ask, "Is that what a fox looks like?"