Lord, send us miracles and change the world through us with Your Holy Spirit

Sunday's homily was preached by our brother Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP, of the Province of the Holy Name. For many years Fr. Augustine would come to Summit to give us amazing lectures on medieval history (and other history, too). Some of our young sisters "audited" his Christology classes that he taught out west. The sisters would receive an extensive reading list.  He would have a student tape the classes, send the tapes to the sisters and when they were ready, they would receive in a sealed envelope 3 or 4 topics to choose from upon which to write a paper. They had something like 2 hours to write it. Fr. Thompson most recently wrote a biography on St. Francis of Assisi which people (including Franciscans) either love or hate. It's available at our gift shop and we think it is well worth reading.

You can read an extensive biography about Fr. Thompson HERE.

As you can see by the video it's hot in Trogir and the brethren are tired! Well, Fr. Augustine looks tired! He is the head of the commission on the Constitutions. Lots of canon law and lots of Latin.