And now back with the Nuns

Thanks to our Sisters in Lufkin who are sharing some photos on their blog we get to see some photos of our sisters at the MTS. Emails from the Sisters have been very sparse and pretty much limited to SOS's as in "Help, send me my presentation folder!" However, from the photos they seem to be doing well and everyone seems to be enjoying each others presentations. From our experience of many lectures with Fr. John Vidmar, OP, we're sure they must be enjoying his lectures.

Here at home we are missing our sisters and the other day we felt that we deserved a picnic as the weather was so beautiful!

If you stop by the monastery or drive by you probably see lots of men on the roof! All day they are banging all over above us as the roof is being replaced. 18 years ago we replaced the roof and we were told it would last 10 years. Now, thanks to so many beautiful benefactors from St. Teresa Parish we are able to repair before it gets too bad.

Not only the roof but the skylights are being replaced! We are so excited about this as the skylights needed replacing for years but we couldn't afford to do it. We have approximately 10 skylights that provide light in our uniquely built monastery. Over the years these were covered over by corrugated plastic by the workmen. The skylights got quite a beating in Hurricane Sandy with most of the skylights scattered all over the garden and replacing them are fortunately being covered by insurance. For the past few weeks all the ceiling holes have been covered by plywood. Here and there the roof men take off the plywood opening up the skylights to the light, drill, saw and shout orders and then replace the plywood! We are looking forward to that plywood being off for good!