NEW! "Botanicals" Line of Soap now available!

garden mint webIt's been quite a summer in the Seignadou Soap department at the monastery! We have been doing a lot of experiments and the workroom looked like it! Bags of herbs, buckets of honey, bags of almonds and almond meal not to mention trays of experiments with soap! We have SEVEN new soaps in our new line of soaps we are calling "Botanicals".  These soaps all have wonderful combinations of smells from the garden and the kitchen. Garden Mint, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Almond & Honey, White Citrus, White Tea, Verbena and Pomegranate.

Each soap also has an additive, like real mint leaves, European spa salt, ground almond meal, etc. It's real stuff so for example, the mint on the top of your soap won't be bright green but perhaps a light brown.

The Sisters have enjoyed sampling the soaps that come from the soap room. It's an advantage to have your own "in house" test market! We tried so many different scents, combinations, additives, etc. and these seven soaps made the cut!

We hope you will try our new Botanicals line of soap and enjoy them as much as we have.

For a short time they are on sale, too!

There will be new guest soaps featured soon as well!