When the power gets shut off!

Yesterday's power outage lasted several hours and unlike the ones caused by severe storms in the past few years we actually "enjoyed" this one! The notice went up right before Mass that the power would be shut off immediately after Mass so sisters were running around to shut off computers, etc. One sister ran into the kitchen to run as many loads of dishes as possible; imagine if we had to wash them by hand in the sink!

Like it so often happens the "right after Mass" was almost 11:30. Some Sisters were hesitant to get into any project that required electricity while others seemed to enjoy the challenge of how many things they could do before the power shut off! Community life!

Sr. Mary Magdalene was the cook and since the kitchen was quite dark calmly stuck a book light onto her head under her veil and continued working! We enjoyed the excuse of paper plates and although the Choir didn't have much light, either, we pretty much know the psalms by heart!

Every one enjoyed the increased quiet in the house! It's something we notice every time the power goes out. It's amazing how much noise the accumulation of lights, refrigerators, freezers, computers, clocks, etc. make! We loved it! The sisters on "turn" duty especially enjoyed not having to answer doors or phones! It's a bit like going away but still being at home!

There are always a few sisters who make any circumstance an opportunity to have a little fun and the "I need coffee before Office at 3PM" Sisters pulled out our new Colman stove top percolator to try it out! Although the note when up as to where it would be kept for emergencies we couldn't remember where that was! Finally, the pot was found...where we should have looked in the first place!

The general opinion is that coffee made on the stove is far superior! Even if the new generator provides enough power for the coffee maker to work, some of us think that the Coleman pot should be used in all future power outages!

We are so grateful to the parishioners of our parish of St. Teresa of Avila Parish here in Summit for making it possible for us to acquire a generator for future October 29-like storms. We hope we don't have to use for a longtime! May God reward them for their generosity!