Welcoming our new coadjutor archbishop, Bishop Bernard Hebda

Yesterday was a beautiful and joyous day as our Archdiocese formally welcomed our new coadjutor archbishop, Bishop Bernard Hebda. Our extern Sisters, Sr. Maureen and Sr. Mary Cecilia attended the Mass at the Cathedral-Basilica welcoming Bishop Hebda. There were more than 300 priests and as you can see they took more than half of an aisle! Our sisters were seated with the other religious on the right side and you can see Sr. Maureen's profile in this photo. (Special thanks to the Archdiocese of Newark for use of this photo.)

The Sisters returned home with glowing accounts of the beautiful Mass and reception. They weren't able to greet the bishop but we are confident that he will be visiting soon to claim the babka Sr. Judith Miryam made for him!

Welcome, Bishop Hebda! May the Lord grant you many years of service to our archdiocese!

You can see lots of photos on the archdiocesan Facebook page!