Novitiate 'O' Party and more...

The other day, our novice mistress Sr. Mary Catharine surprised the novitiate with an 'O' party. ('O' as in the Great O Antiphons!) After all their hard work in the soap department and then baking and putting together gift baskets for our many benefactors they deserved a treat. There were gingerbread houses to make, sparkling cider to drink, and cookies to taste....and they even turned on their Christmas lights a little early for a festive atmosphere! (Note: there are a lot of pictures here so it may take some time to load!)







And then it was time to decorate the Professed Community Room!

DSC_0086 (2)

Next check your lights!

Discuss light stringing strategy.

Then top the tree off with an angel of star! ...wait...what's so funny, Sr. Joseph Maria?


Three angels?!  No, it's a creative representation of the Trinity!

The inspiration for our tri-angel Christmas tree topper!

How many nuns does it take to string lights on a Christmas tree??

Then find your favorite ornament!

...and hope it didn't get broken since last year.


Add batteries to your 'candles'.

Finally finished.....for tonight!


Just a reminder to all you local friends-- our Christmas Midnight Mass will be at Midnight! Come early to get a seat.