Sisterly Sharing

Last week Sr. Mary Catharine (1st Councillor) and Sr. Denise Marie (Treasurer) attended the annual council meeting of our Association of monasteries. Our sisters at Corpus Christi Monastery, Bronx, NY, graciously hosted the sisters although from reports it seems that the Bronx sisters saw little of the Council sisters as they were working from after Mass until late at night with just time for Office and meals. The Sisters left Summit the afternoon of the 25th to pick up Sr. Mary Rose at the airport and then drove to the Bronx. Happily there was no traffic and they arrived at the monastery just in time for a quick hello before Compline. Sr.Maria Christine, Association President (Menlo Park, CA), Sr. Anna Marie, Association Vice-President, Elmira, NY and Sr. Mary Thomas, 2nd Councillor, Farmington Hills, MI, had arrived a bit earlier.

Toward the end of the meeting our Religious Assistant, Fr. Walter Wagner, OP spent some hours with the Council Sisters giving valuable advice and much appreciated insight.

As for what the sisters discussed at the meeting we'll find out soon when we receive their report!

Sr. Anna Marie shares photos during a break.

Sr. Denise Marie, Sr. Mary Catharine, Sr. Anna Marie

Hard at work!