A Week in the Monastery

It has been a busy week here at Rosary Shrine! Last week we were blessed to host two Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (better known as the Nashville Dominicans). Sr. Peter Marie and Sr. John Thomas were in the area to give a talk at Seton Hall University in nearby South Orange. Although they only stayed over for a few days we were able to squeeze in a 'family visit' in our parlor.DSC_2439 On Tuesday Fr. Douglas Milewski, associate professor of theology at Seton Hall University, came to the Monastery to begin a series of lectures on St. Augustine's exegesis of John 17, the Lord's Sermon.DSC_2685

It was also a week of beautiful weather, which meant the perfect opportunity to get some garden work done!







We've also been hosting some lovely feathered friends. Here is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak stopping by our feeder during his migration North.

Unfortunately some of our guests have taken advantage of our hospitality....for example these European Starlings who have decided to nest in the roof of our garage.