MTS 2014 has officially begun!

  For the next four years our monastery will be hosting the Monastic Theological Studies Program for two weeks each summer. This program is for sisters from all our Dominican monasteries in the US, Canada, and Trinidad who have made (temporary) profession (or will by the end of this year). The MTS Class of '17 consists of 10 student sisters from five different monasteries: Sr. Mary Magdalene (Summit), Sr. Mary Cecilia (Summit), Sr. Mary Veronica (Summit), Sr. Mary Jacinta (Summit), Sr. Maria of Jesus (Farmington Hills, MI), Sr. Marie Therese (Farmington), Sr. Dominic Marie (Farmington), Sr. Bernadette Marie (Lufkin, TX), Sr. Mary Isabel (Menlo Park, CA), and Sr. Mary Magdalen (Trinidad). Sr. Clara Marie from Farmington and our Sr. Mary Martin are in running the program.


The majority of the sisters arrived yesterday and by Vespers everyone was here and ready to begin! The afternoon and evening provided time for a tour of the monastery and an orientation session.