St. Dominic's Day

Blessed (belated) Solemnity of Our Holy Father Saint Dominic! Decoration on the doors to the community room.

Yesterday began with a special blessing: a Mass of Thanksgiving said by newly ordained Fr. Peter Martyr Joseph Yungwirth, OP! Our chaplain, Fr. Gregory, OP and Fr. Michael Monshau, OP, who is here to give us a workshop, concelebrated. After Mass Fr. Peter Martyr gave us his "first priestly blessing".



For our Holy Founder's feast day we celebrate with what we call a "10 & 4".  Recreation and a snack at 10am and 4pm, as well as talking meals for dinner and supper in the community room.


After ice cream, some of the sisters received permission to spend the afternoon outside. Unlike the past few years, this Summer has had beautiful weather.