Prioress's Feast Day

The Prioress's Feast Day is a special day of celebration in our community. Naturally, which day the festivities occur on changes with the prioress. This year our prioress is Sr. Mary Martin and so the feast of St. Martin de Porres was raised to the rank of a 'prioral' feast in the liturgy and refectory. We 'open' the celebration the evening before the feast at recreation by greeting Sister with a specially written song as she is led into the community room by the sub-prioress. Then each sister greets her in turn in order of profession (Sabina coming last) before enjoying ice cream and cookies. DSC_5822

DSC_5826 DSC_5838 DSC_5840

The next day, on the feast itself, is a recreation day. Outside of the hours of prayer and profound silence we gather in the community room for games, entertainment, and leisurely conversation. This year our community Archivist and historian provided a trivia quiz on 'house history'. Some of the questions were a bit difficult ("Where was our foundress born?" or "What was the address of the original building?") while others even the newest postulants, if they were observant, could answer ("How many angels are in choir?" or "How many choir stalls are there?"). Can you guess who won? It was a tie between Sr. Mary Martin and our Novice Mistress, Sr. Mary Catharine!


For dinner we had a 'talking meal' in the community room. In the evening we played "jeopardy!", created by Sr. Joseph Maria and Sr. Mary Veronica. The sisters had collected baby pictures of some of the sisters and had one column of questions titled "What a cutie!" Another column was titled "Famous Martins" in honor of the day while a third was about the Summit Choir Book! It was a very creative game. The winning team was Sr. Mary Martin, Sr. Mary Magdalene, Sr. Maria, and Sr. Judith Miryam.

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