Silver Jubilee!

  DSC_6213On Wednesday we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Sr. Mary Ruth Bernard!

Sister's actual 25th anniversary was earlier in the month, as was the Mass and celebration with her family and friends. With our very busy November calendar we were able to squeeze in a community party right before Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday the novitiate decorated the professed community room for the big event. They chose as their theme: Dominican Nuns Gala!  Some of the decorations used were from our actual Gala held recently at the Grand Summit Hotel!


The sisters even put together a Gala program with creative advertisements! A favorite was Sabina's food-removal service.

The celebration opened Tuesday evening with a welcome song and our traditional greeting line. Sister also received an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis!DSC_6084




Afterwards we enjoyed ice cream and Sr. Judith Miryam's freshly baked chocolate cookies.



We didn't have The Infernos at our Gala, but we did have entertainment by the sisters! The novitiate performed a silly song, Sr. Maureen provided a brain teaser game, and Sr. Maria-Agnes played an aria from Samson and Delilah on the piano in the morning. In the afternoon Sr. Mary Cecilia sung a piece from The Magic Flute and Sr. Denise Marie played a piece by Mozart on the recorder.

DSC_6140 DSC_6186

In the evening "Sophie and the Hillbillies" performed a song with lyrics especially written for the occasion by Sr. Judith Miryam. Sr. Mary Magdalene and Sr. Maria Teresa played guitar while Sr. Mary Jacinta "accompanied" on the washboard. Sr. Judith Miryam, of course, was the much loved Sophie!


(No, that is not sister's real hair!)

 Congratulations, Sr. Mary Ruth Bernard, on your 25 years of religious profession! May God grant you many more!