Drawing of Patrons

Every year on January 1st it is our tradition to assemble in the Chapter Hall after breakfast for the drawing of patrons. The three youngest sisters have the task of calling up each sister, announcing their patron and prayer intention for the year, and reading the short quote chosen by the Holy Spirit for the sister that year. Sometimes this quote is from the Bible, sometimes from the constitutions. This year the little words of wisdom were from our brother Humbert of Romans. This year the three youngest were Sr. Maria, Sr. Emily, and Sr. Mary Jacinta. DSC_6959


When a sister's name is called, she kneels before the baby Jesus to hear her patron, etc. read. Before she returns to her place, she kisses the baby Jesus.



Sometimes, when a saying or a prayer intention are particularly appropriate for the sister quiet chuckles from the sisters will be heard. Below, the sisters listen to the drawing and await their turn. The order is random, so you never know when you will be called.DSC_6960


The drawing of patrons was not the only exciting event yesterday; our Sr. Mary Magdalene made her Solemn Profession in the afternoon. Pictures  will be coming soon, so stay tuned! Until then, here are some pictures from the preparations before the big event.

DSC_6933Sister's brothers and father help set up the live-streaming the night before. Often the sister to make profession will be on her retreat right up to the event. However, due to the busyness of Christmas sister made her 8 day retreat earlier.



While sister was helping to set up the live streaming, the rest of the community was at Chant practice. DSC_6924DSC_6938



A post with pictures from the Profession will be forthcoming!