Profession Party

On the day of a sister's Solemn Profession a reception for guests follows the ceremony. At a later date the community has a celebration which is left up to the discretion of the professed sister. On this day the sister is "prioress" for the day, officiating in choir, etc. Tuesday was the day chosen for the community celebration of Sr. Mary Magalene's Solemn Profession. The day began with "simple snacks" (i.e. chips and punch) in the community room with recreation. A group of the younger sisters decided to play the game of Life. Sr. Mary Magdalene had played a newer version with her family during their visit, but our game is about 50 years old.

Dinner was provided by some wonderful friends (and cooks!) of the community. We had a 'talking meal' in the community room which was decked out with the decorations from Sister's reception ceremony (as well as some Christmas decorations we haven't been put away yet!).

In the afternoon we had recreation with tea, coffee, and cookies. Sister presided at her tea party.


In the evening Sr. Mary Magdalene hosted a game of Monastery Pictionary. You could either draw your word/phrase on the chalkboard or act it out. (Below, Sr. Mary-Elizabeth is acting out her word-"mad"- while Sr. Maria, Sr. Mary Cecilia, Sr. Maria-Agnes, and Sr. Mary Martin draw depictions of their words on the chalkboard.)

After the game Sr. Maria-Agnes played a piece on the piano. This was followed by a tango and Für Elise (both by request). The laughing you hear in the video is at the sisters who were dancing off camera!  Altogether it was a wonderful day celebrating the gift of Sr. Mary Magdalene's vocation to the Church and to our community.

[video width="360" height="480" mp4="ür-Elise-wp.mp4"][/video]