"Open Parlor" Event

Back on Sunday, February  8th we had our "Open Parlor" event for the Year of Consecrated Life. Snow was predicted so we were uncertain how many people to expect. Some sisters thought no one would come, others thought it would be packed. We decided to err on the side of too much when it came to refreshments. (L-R) Sr. Mary Jacinta, Aspirant Tracy, Sr. Mary Catharine, and Sr. Maria display some of the goodies they baked for the event.

Sr. Judith Miryam with her earthquake cookies fresh from the oven.

The sisters who predicted a packed house turned out to be right! So many people stopped by to say hello and to pray with us. We met many, many people who have been coming to our chapel for years and had never met us! They were so grateful for the opportunity, and we were so happy to meet them.

Gathering on our side of the parlor.

Booklets on the history of Rosary Shrine were put out.







Unfortunately not all of us were able to come to the parlor. Some had duties elsewhere (such as keeping their hour of rosary in choir!) but others were sick from a bug that's been going around. If you stopped by for a visit with the Lord in the past few weeks and noticed that the Blessed Sacrament was reposed, it is because so many sisters were sick that we were unable to cover all the hours of 'guard'. Thankfully everyone is back on their feet and the Blessed Sacrament is back on the Throne!