Sr Mary Veronica and Sr Mary Jacinta Today Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Mary Jacinta take the next step towards Solemn Profession as they begin their period of integration. Integration is the time during which a temporarily professed sister leaves the novitiate and 'integrates' into the professed community. Our Constitutions require at least one year of integration before Solemn Profession. Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Mary Jacinta have moved into the very last empty cells in the professed dormitory! In fact, we already have two professed sisters living in the old "Lay Sisters" dorm which separates the professed dorm from the novitiate.

This leaves only our postulant Sr. Maria in the novitiate with novice mistress Sr. Mary Catharine....but not for long!

Please keep Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Mary Jacinta in your prayers as they begin this new stage of their journey in religious life.