Rosary Sunday

After all the cold wet weather we've been having, it was wonderful to have the sun bright and shining for the Rosary Pilgrimage today! Earlier in the week, when we heard of the impending hurricane we were worried about possible adverse weather. It was mentioned at recreation that in the entire history of the pilgrimage we've never had bad enough weather to impact Our Lady's Pilgrimage, and she certainly wasn't going to let it start now! 

We got a 'preview' of Br. Raymund Snyder, OP's preaching at Mass this morning, so we knew everyone would be in for a treat at the pilgrimage as he is a dynamic preacher and truly loves the Blessed Mother. Brother gave a beautiful homily about our Lady's rosary, one point of which was how our memories shape who we are and that these mysteries of the rosary are Mary's memories. She continually meditated on them during her life and they helped to shape who she is. When we pray the rosary, making her memories our own, they shape us as well. 

After the pilgrimage we were able to meet some of the pilgrims in the parlor. This year some of the Knights of Columbus came in to see us and we all admired their capes, feathered hats and swords as well as their dedication to the Our Lady and the Church.

Thank you to all who came! We hope to see you at the next Rosary Pilgrimage in May!