All Saints Vigil Party

Every year on the Vigil of All Saints we have a little party at our evening recreation. Every other recreation of the year is held in the community room, but the All Saints (or Halloween) party now has the distinction of being held in the refectory by candlelight! A few years ago we had a freak October snow storm that took out the electricity. The community room was much too cold, being surrounded on three sides by windows, so we held the party in the refectory by candlelight. We liked it so much that we joked the next year about turning off the power so we could do it again...until Hurricane Sandy turned off the power for us! Once again we recreated by candlelight in the refectory. Ever since then we've kept up the tradition, whether we've had electricity or not.  

This year a good friend donated a pumpkin for the novitiate to carve, and they did a spectacular job! 

Sr. Joseph Maria and Sr. Mary Catharine made apple cider donuts for the holy guests to munch on.

We never know just who will show up, and we had quite a group this year! 

The whole holy gang, Sr. Angelique Therese, St. Mary Magdalene di Pazzi, St. Martin de Porres, Bl. Cecilia, Bl. Diana, Bl. Amata, Postulant OP Barbie, Sr. Rosemary 

Blesseds Diana, Cecilia, & Amata

Sr. Mary Jacinta and Sr. Maria Johanna came as their sisters who are sisters! Sr. Mary Jacinta is Sr. Angelique Therese, MC and Sr. Maria Johanna is Sr. Rosemary (Community of Jerusalem).

St. Martin de Porres

Sr. Danielle's creativity is boundless! She came as Dominican Postulant Barbie! Below is a slideshow so you can read her barbie box.