Getting close!

Just what is "getting close"? Our community's 60th anniversary of Solemn Profession? The entrance of a new postulant? Sr. Danielle's Clothing Day? ....well, yes! But that's not what this blog post is about. 

We're getting close to having a working furnace! 

If you remember, we were told back in mid-October that our furnace was broken beyond repair. We had turned on the furnace, which had just passed inspection perfectly, and steam quickly began to fill the basement. It was discovered that the furnace had cracked and that crack was irreparable.  We did not particularly relish the thought of a New Jersey winter without heat, and thankfully neither did the generous benefactors who quickly donated the necessary funds to replace the 40 year old furnace and 80 year old condenser pipes. The furnace company came out right away to start disassembling the broken furnace so they could replace it with a new one. It was slow work as the pieces were very heavy! They had to erect a small crane type of instrument to help them get the pieces from ground level down into the 'pit' where the furnace and boiler reside.

But don't worry, we haven't frozen while waiting for the new furnace! Some wonderful friends donated space heaters or the funds for space heaters which have helped in places, and if you've been to Mass lately you may have noticed we've been wearing our long black wool cappas for extra warmth. 

 Today the new furnace is in and starting to be hooked up to all the appropriate pipes. We're getting close!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make sure we'll stay warm this winter!