Novena to St. Dominic- Day Seven

Because August 6th, feast of the Transfiguration is also the natale into heaven of our Holy Father, St. Dominic, we are sharing the accounts of his death today.

From the Bologna Process of Canonization

While Dominic was seriously ill, they carried him to a healthier place, St. Mary of the Hills. When he believed he was dying, he called the prior and brothers. About twenty brothers went there with the said prior. After they assembled about him, lying a full length, he began to preach and delivered a very good and moving sermon. He believed that they then anointed him. He then heard from some that the monk who was rector of the Church said that if [Dominic] died there he would not permit him to be carried away but would have him buried in the same church. When the witness himself reported this to the said brother, Blessed Dominic, he replied: “God forbid that I be buried except under the feet of my brethren. Carry me outside to die on the road so that you may bury me in our own church.” Then he was taken up and carried back to the church of St. Nicholas in Bologna, although it was feared that he might die on the way.

After an hour there, he had this witness called and said to him: “Prepare yourselves.” And when the prior and the other brothers had solemnly prepared themselves for the commendation of a soul and had gathered about him, Dominic said to the prior and brothers: “Wait a little while.” While waiting, the prior said to him: “Father, you know how you leave us desolate and sad. Remember to pray for us to God.” The blessed friar Dominic with hands raised to heaven, prayed: “Holy Father, Thou knowest how I have freely remained steadfast in Thy will, and have guarded and kept those whom Thou hast given me. I recommend them to Thee. Keep and guard them.”

And the witness said that he had heard from the brothers that when they asked him concerning themselves he answered them: “I will be more useful and fruitful to you after death than I was in life.” Then, after a short interval, Dominic commanded the prior and brothers: “Begin.” And they solemnly began the office for the commendation of a soul. And, as he believes, the brother, Blessed Dominic himself said the office with them, because he moved his lips. While the office was being said, he gave up the ghost. They firmly believed that the spirit left him when these words were said: “Come to his assistance, ye Saints of God, come forth to meet him, ye Angels of the Lord: receiving his soul: offering it in the sight of the most High.”

And he believed that it was part of the benignity and providence of God that the lord Ugolino, bishop of Ostia, now the Pope, and the Lord patriarch of Aquileia, with many venerable bishops and abbots were present at his burial. The bishop of Ostia himself, the now reigning pontiff, celebrated the Mass, commended the soul and performed the exequies. And he stated that on the feast of St. Sixtus, just passed, it was twelve years since [Dominic] passed to the Lord.