Nuns in the New York Times

During our annual retreat the New York Times published two articles on our community. One article by Penelope Green landed on the front page of the Sunday Style section with full color photos! The other, by David Gonzales, was posted to the paper's photography blog. Both articles feature photos by our dear friend and photographer Toni Greaves

As soon as the articles were published soap/candle/etc. orders started pouring in! The only problem? We were on retreat! As the number of orders quickly passed the 100 mark and climbed to 200, a note went up warning all sisters that as soon as retreat ended (today!) the soap department would need all the help it could get to get the orders filled and shipped!

So if you ordered from us during this time, the filling of your order might be a little slower than usual do to our annual retreat and the high number of orders coming in. We thank you for your patience and your support!


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