A Special Visit

For the past week different priests have been filling in for our chaplain who is away. When we received the schedule we were thrilled to see Archbishop Hebda signed up for yesterday!  So, of course, we invited him inside for breakfast and a visit. Ordinarily breakfast is a simple affair for us. We eat individually, usually bread or cereal. Sometimes for feast days we have "sweet bread" which could be anything from donuts to croissants to babka! But when the Archbishop comes to breakfast, that's an event! A group of sisters spent the evening before preparing....there was the community room to decorate, waffles to make, the preparation of coffee to arrange, raspberry sauce to make, tables to set, eggs to count, etc. When we explained to the Archbishop that we don't usually eat breakfast like this, he joked, "I thought you were all so happy to see me, now I know you are just happy to have a real breakfast!" 

We had a wonderful visit along with the wonderful breakfast and snapped "a quick photo real quick" before His Excellency had to go.