$1000 Dollar Dog


This is our dog, Sabina.

Sabina has expensive taste.

So expensive, in fact, that a few days ago she enjoyed a thousand dollar treat. 

...a check for $1000, a gift from our Third Order, that she stole!

Sr. Mary Martin, our prioress, had accepted the check earlier in the day and posted it on our whiteboard for the community to see. Come evening recreation sisters were wondering where the check had gone. The note was still there, but the check had mysteriously disappeared. All the while Sabina sat happily munching by the door.

Then it hit us! Sr. Mary Martin walked with trepidation up to Sabina to see if any of the leftover 'crumbs' could relieve our fear as to the fate of the missing check. Instead we hear, "Oh no!!!" Ever the lady, Sabina left part of the check number behind for us to find. 

Sr. Mary Martin was left with the unpleasant task of informing Rich, the prior of the Third Order. Thankfully, Rich has a healthy sense of humor and found it all as funny as we did. Luckily this was a check and not cash. 

A few days later Sabina received a present from "Investors Bank" (Rich!) It was too good not to share with you all!