And the Adventure Begins!

Yesterday two of our sisters flew off to Nashville, Tennessee for the General Assembly of the North American Association of Dominican Monasteries. Sr. Mary Catharine is first councilor and Sr. Mary Magdalene is in charge of the website/social media/technology/etc. Today two more sisters left to join them: Sr. Mary Martin as our prioress and Sr. Denise Marie as our monastery's delegate. The sisters' flight yesterday was a wee bit early, but Sabina made sure to wake up to see them off.

Sr. Mary Magdalene is our rosary making queen, so what did she bring for her in flight entertainment? A bag full of rosary making supplies of course! Any guesses on how many she made?

This General Assembly is being held at the facilities of the Congregation of St. Cecilia, or as they are better known, the Nashville Dominicans. So far our sisters have been busy setting up for when the rest of the nuns arrive and enjoying the beautiful grounds.