They're Home!...and other happenings

On Friday our four sisters who were at the General Assembly returned home! Sr. Clare made this lovely sign to welcome them back, and we had supper in the community room so they could share their experience with us. 

What else has been going on? 

On Sundays we listen to music with our supper. We usually choose something from our selection of cassettes and CDs, but one Sunday we had a treat when Sr. Mary Veronica pulled out our record player and The Sound of Music record!

Another day our new commercial printer arrived with an interesting label: "Dominican Nuts"  We haven't heard that one before!  However, our late Sr. Mary Peter used to say we are a bag of mixed nuts! 

Our newest sisters are learning their parts for the Grassi Magnificat, and Sr. Mary Magdalene officially welcomed Sr. Clare to the alto section by giving her a box of Altoid mints. Why? Because at some point awhile back the altos acquired the nickname "Altoids."